With over 50 years experience, Portakabin has a wealth of knowledge to help make your building project run smoothly. We are now sharing this experience with you via a series of FREE downloadable reports.

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How to quickly expand your teaching facilities.ie
"24 top tips to help you avoid the common mistakes many organisations make when procuring interim teaching space, making sure your project runs smoothly and on budget."
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How to procure a modular building .ie
21 tips to ensure that your building project runs smoothly, is delivered on time and completed to the highest quality while staying on budget.
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How to select site accommodation - the easy way.ie
Selecting site accommodation can be a complex business. This report provides you with 10 tips to ensure hassle-free site accommodation selection.
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Guide to off-site construction for pharmaceutical and chemical producers.ie
"This report offers some practical guidance about how to procure a modular building for this complex sector including how to select an off-site specialist."
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How To Rapidly Expand Your Hospital Facilities .IE
If limited ward space is hampering your efforts to reduce patient waiting times, this report provides expert advice on how to rapidly increase bed space at your hospital, without compromising on the exemplary quality standards demanded by the healthcare sector. Your 10-step guide to hiring all the extra ward space you need.
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